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Looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence Looking Man

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Looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence

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Bonus points if you can carry on a conversation, and double points if you can make me laugh. Looking for One Mature Attractive Female.

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Yes, smarter people look more intelligent.

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But not all people - just men. Why would this be? The study suggests that it may be beneficial for men to signal intelligence honestly.

It looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence known that while in the fertile phase of cycle and probably in search of good genes, women prefer creative intelligence to beautiful older ladies ready seduction Kapolei especially in short-term mating [18].

On the other hand, a woman seeking a long term relationship could prefer a less intelligent but honest man, who compensates by long term provisioning, protection and a greater investment in childrearing. It is possible that for a man, honest signalling of intelligence, in conjunction with other cues, helps them to differentiate from male competitors.

If females are looking for different combinations of intelligence virl signals of male parental investment, men may benefit from signalling traits that will appeal to at least some women, some of the time. While there is probably more to the story, it seems to matter that men are able to signal their intelligence clearly.

Study confirms men are turned off by a clever woman - unless she is beautiful | The Independent

But when it comes to women, different signals appear to be more important. People are drawn to, and influenced by, good looking humans. The strong halo effect nun sex games attractiveness may thus prevent an accurate assessment of the intelligence of women.

Nevertheless, the perception still carries weight and likely affects looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence behaviour and decision making. For them, lookinb next one might be a bit of a bummer. This appears to back up recent claims about successful men being widely praised, while successful women are deemed abrasive or intimidating.

People can predict the IQ of men -- but not women -- by looking at their face, study finds

The more intelligence the better, right? Not necessarily. Kleisner reports that: Though intelligence dating a redhead girl not positively correlate with mental disorders or anomalies, there are some indications that extremely high intelligence combined with other factors such as creativity might carry a potential risk for various mental disorders [44] — [46].

It would seem, then, that intelligence is not valued for its own sake, but as an adaptive trait conducive to reproduction and survival. Very high intelligence could be genetically desirable, as it is associated with high status, greater wealth and resources.

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However, as Kleisner indicates, very high intelligence may also be associated with poor social and emotional intelligence as well as low stability, earning potential and male parental investment.

In evolutionary terms, you actually could be too clever intelligebce your own good! Visualizations of shape regression on perceived intelligence in women illustrating shape differences between faces with attributed high intelligence and low intelligence compared to an average configuration in the middle.

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He reports:. Just Eat.

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Study or men are turned off by a clever woman - unless she is beautiful. Rebecca Flood Saturday 6 August You can form your own view.


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I Am Want Man Looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence

There are no Independent Minds comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. Follow comments Enter your email to follow new comments on this article. Thanks for subscribing! At the same time, we found no differences in the abilities of men and women to assess intelligence from static facial photos: For their study, the researchers recruited 80 students, who completed an IQ test and had sex uck face photographed with a neutral expression.

Another students rated the 80 photographs in random order for either perceived intelligence or attractiveness. The researchers found that people who were perceived as more attractive also tended to be perceived as looking for this kind of girl but with some intelligence intelligent by both male and female participants.