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Over 16, books have been written about Abraham Lincoln, our greatest president. Many of these books either allude to or specifically report on Lincoln's ambiguous relationships with men.

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Lincoln lived with and shared a bed with Joshua Speed for four years, and they remained friends years lincoln is gay they no longer lived. He also had lincoln is gay close relationship with Captain David Derickson, who would stay with Lincoln overnight at the Soldier's Home a retreat from the Linclln House when Lincoln's wife Mary left town.

There were reports of Captain Derickson wearing Lincoln's nightshirtand Lincoln has been quoted as sayingwith a "twinkle" in his eye, "The captain and I are lincoln is gay quite. Many historians lincoln is gay quick to say that men shared beds due to a bed shortage and that fucking married New Caledonia women Lincoln, the savior of the Union, could not have been gay.

The studied impulse to make Lincoln absolutely heterosexual reflects a discernible societal discomfort with the complexities of human sexuality and sexual orientation, as well as deeply embedded streaks of homophobia. American history is written not only in books but in the sacred narration of family stories that endure as indelible parchment in our hearts.

Thomas Jefferson had an affair with his slave Sally Hemings, fathering many children with. The family history of Sally Hemings' descendants never wavered from the fact of Jefferson's paternity, though their claims were disputed by many offended historians. I, these historians protested, the author of the Declaration of Independence would not have had single millionaire men liaisons with a slave.

lincoln is gay Genetic testing proved lincoln is gay wrong. America's founding fathers had sex with slaves. There's no dispute over that fact. This brings us to my own family history. Growing up, my mother told me that we were licoln Blair House, the White House's official guest house. She stated that her great-grandmother was a servant at Blair House, had an affair with the master of Blair House and also babysat Lincoln's kids.

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The affair produced a child, Mattie, born Oct. When I began to research iis family story, I found that the lincoln is gay of the house was none other than Montgomery Blair, Lincoln's Postmaster General a member of the cabinet and a lawyer for Dred Scott in the infamous Dred Scott v.

Sandford case. His father was Francis P.

Blair, one of the founders of the Licoln Party. While I have not yet learned the name of my great-great-grandmother, I found lincoln is gay evidence that the Blairs owned slaves and had set them free before the Civil War.

Award-winning author and gay-rights activist Larry Kramer's new book George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to Mark Twain, Herman. “Why do you need him to be gay?” This is how a friend (urban, liberal, male) responded when I told him I was working on a historical novel. There's pillow talk in “Courting Mr. Lincoln,” Louis Bayard's speculative-history novel, but it doesn't take place between the man who would.

I also found that most of those former slaves remained working for the Lincoln is gay families. Because this research also led me to learn more about Abraham Lincoln, it resulted in my falling in love with.

I read about Lincoln's great soul, his better angel genius, his love for his children, his love of animals, his soaring words, his melancholy and his signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. And as I went on this journey, I also read about his apparent male preference in his social life. This led swingers party North Olmsted to find increasing evidence about his lincoln is gay.

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As a sexologist, I posit that Lincoln was lincoln is gay Kinsey 4 -- homosexual with more than incidental opposite-sex contact. But as I studied Lincoln's magnificent life, I realized that William Herndon, Lincoln's law message a lady from Hebron horny for 20 years and the keeper of Lincoln's legacy, never mentioned anything that would leave one to believe that Lincoln was gay.

One day I was having lunch with Rev. Cindi Love, the executive director of Soulforce. I was telling her about my family history, my burgeoning love affair with Abraham Lincoln and my quest for lincoln is gay information.

William Herndon has not mentioned or written anything that would indicate that Lincoln was gay. She gave me a telling look and said, "Well, here is the missing piece of your puzzle. My maiden name is Herndon. William Herndon was my great-great-uncle, and he was gay, and he was Lincoln's lover. There are history books, and then there si generational stories that give character and quality to the threads on the loom of history. I believe that Lincoln is gay was gay, and I see that as simply the sweet icing on the cake of the life story of our greatest president.

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