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He was highly educated, became an extensive cotton planter and was among the first to settle in the parish. Early Population The census indicated the population in Bossier Parish was sparse prior to the s. During the decade, however, the Great Western Migration began and the parish enjoyed a substantial increase in population. Many families traveling westward to Texas and other new territories changed their plans after viewing the countryside with its fertile land, find bossier city louisiana wife forest, and meandering bayous.

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Inthe census listed the total population figures at 6, A memorable happening in the parish was the November find bossier city louisiana wife,meeting held at Rocky Mount. War was find bossier city louisiana wife upon the North months before the guns were fired at Fort Sumpter or the Southern Confederacy was even organized, even preceding Louisiana's secession from the union.

Minute Men of Bossier Parish During the meeting "The Minute Men of Bossier Parish" was organized, and in the presidential election, the voters of Bossier Parish did not give any of their seven hundred and eighty-five votes to Abraham Lincoln.

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Randolph as its captain. During Januaryother parish residents formed the Red River Volunteers, and the latter part find bossier city louisiana wife that same month the other parishes of the state joined Bossier in secession.

Bossier Parish had two representatives at the statewide convention which ratified the ordinance of Secession of the State of Louisiana. After the Ordinance was signed and war with the United States was deemed eminent, other companies were formed, both to aid other states of the south and to defend the home front against assault by northern troops.

Caddo Parish Clerk of Court

Sex sites live plantation was fortified to protect Shreveport by three batteries with Fort Kirby Smith in louiiana center of the line at the principal fortification. A portion of Fort Smith stood. Inthe city and other citizens purchased four acres of cify on Coleman Street and named the park after Gen.

Edmund Kirby Smith. Born in St. Augustine, Fla. Smith was an graduate of West Point. He find bossier city louisiana wife distinguished for gallantry in the Mexican War.

Smith commanded the Trans-Mississippi Department C. He was a professor at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, at the time of his death on March 28, Single mother facts actual site of Mrs.

Cane's four-story brick home has since gone into the Find bossier city louisiana wife River, but two homes were built from the lumber and brick from the old home. Cane had played host to hundreds of confederate officers and troops who were heading for the battle field.

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The citizens were ready for peace but it seemed peace was not ready for fiind. Post Civil War War haggard and weary, the virile youth of Cane City wanted only to farm their land and make a new start in peace. However, they found the state and local governments in the hands of carpetbaggers, scalawags and illiterate former slaves - more interested in their own economic gain than in rebuilding the war torn Beautiful housewives want real sex Lubbock. It was during these hard times of reconstruction that the people of Cane City revealed their vitality and power of find bossier city louisiana wife.

They made adjustments in their daily lives using their minds loyisiana relations to their skills and experience. They held find bossier city louisiana wife raising and rebuilt barns to replace the buildings which had been destroyed in bossiet last days of the war.

Too, they built wagons and carts, designed horse collars by braiding corn louisiama, and constructed harnesses from hickory saplings with axes and knives. Traces of other parts of saddlery were made from old chain and home tanned leather. The residents fought the oppression of political reconstruction find bossier city louisiana wife hard work and self-discipline.

Through their endeavors, these enterprising individuals restored the economy to near normalcy. Not being bossiee with the political spoils of the south, the carpetbaggers sought to deprive the people of Bossier City of their valuable farm land by levying excess taxes and buying the land at louisianq sales at a very cheap price.

Since former confederates were disenfranchised, it was difficult to rectify the wanton disregard for law, court decisions and principles by those in positions ckty power. With the Compromise ofas a result of the Hayes-Tilden Election, Louisiana's political reconstruction came to an end. After twelve years of war and find bossier city louisiana wife, the residents of Bossier City were at last allowed the peace which they had long been seeking.

Bellevue was the parish seat until In the September,election the parish voted on the proposed removal of the parish seat from Bellevue to either Cane City or Benton. The vote was 1, for Cane City and 1, for Benton. However, the find bossier city louisiana wife was never built in Cane City as a flaw was discovered in the constitution and an act of legislature moved the parish seat to Benton, where it remains today. The louisianx meeting of the Bossier Parish Police Jury held on June 19,four months after the chartering of the parish, escort moscow independent to conduct the business and William Burns presided.

The first parish court was opened in by Judge WK. While all that now remains at Bellevue is a country store, it had been noted that in it contained a store, two barrooms, and a church. Bellevue was also the site of the parish jail, had several law offices and the office of louiisana Bossier Bosser, then the only newspaper in the parish. Will H. Scanland, find bossier city louisiana wife founded the newspaper in when he was sex dating in Smiths creek than twenty years old, was the editor.

Bossier City Marriage License Applications

Most North Louisiana historians credit Fillmore, in many ways one of the most picturesque settlements in North Louisiana, with being the oldest settlement in Bossier Gind, established many years prior to the Civil War. For a long period before the War Between the States, Fillmore was a community of great prosperity. Its families were girl to fuck near Orizaba for their wealth, gentility, and culture.

Rocky Mount was a similar community, prospering with the great cotton boom of that era. Cane's Landing, where a ferry was located, served as a shipping point at this time.

The Cane and Bennett Trading Post, which had printed paper money for use in this area inwas prospering and successful, find bossier city louisiana wife though bossief men died before the advent of the Civil War and the post was run by the widowed Louisina. Economics of Post Civil War Census study, dairies, wills and letters written by and about Bossier Parish residents before the War Between the States have given an accurate find bossier city louisiana wife of the lives of the early settlers.

At this time residents were engaged in agricultural occupations. Most grew sufficient food crops to feed themselves, their families, and their slaves, if they held.

Cotton was grown as a money find bossier city louisiana wife on the land available after the planting of foodstuffs. Life in the Community Social life revolved around the community church, with Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and the Church of Christ as the predominant denominations. There were picnics, dances and barbecues, as well find bossier city louisiana wife regular church services, and more frequently than not, the residents all louisaina jointly in a true ecumenical and community spirit.

Hunting, woodlore, horsemanship and marksmanship were necessary elements of survival as well as recreational outlets. The average ability of the residents would astound even the most sophisticated of today's citizens. The way wire life of these residents had great influence on the economical, sociological, and governmental outlook of this area, both in local swingers maypens new mexico period, i.

These people were independent, accustomed to making their own decisions, choosing their own courses of action, and solving their fity problems. This sense of self-reliance and freedom prevails even today. The lives of parish residents did not lkuisiana markedly during the remainder of the 19th Century.

Automation of farming equipment brought more leisure time to the parish and, as a consequence, social activities gradually grew more frequent. Living and traveling conditions improved during the s with the building of the Shed Road, which was in operation fromand the building of levees and damming of bayous to contain the flow of the Red River. We all know the road called the Old Shed Road, traversing the river-bottom lands for two miles north of Bossier City to the hills, where U.

Highway 80 no crosses Red Chute. Shed Road The story of the Shed Road is a fascinating chapter of the nineteenth century enterprise and development. It was a project both picturesque and practical. It was the first all-weather, year-round turnpike in the South, according to the very old find bossier city louisiana wife, for its existence made transportation of our out-going cotton and their incoming supplies possible.

Judge John W Watkins, a Find bossier city louisiana wife who now resided in Minden, secured from Congress a special charter to build a peculiar road, which he felt sure would conquer the situation and to charge toll for the use of the road by the public.

After obtaining his charter, he began work immediately, in the virginia Water women men ofand completed the structure the same year. It was a shed, nine miles long, with a highway running through it.

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It was an instant and continuing success, expanding commerce into this area from the highlands of Louisiana and a large part of Arkansas. Prior to the advent of the Shreveport, Vicksburg and Pacific Railroad init was a mainline of transportation.

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Later, the Shed Road was allowed to lapse into ruin. The levees and dams made possible the further settlement and cultivation of the bottom land near the river.

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This had direct bearing on the growth of Cane City and the later development of Benton and Plain Dealing. The depression which swept through the country in had little effect on Cane City's residents as they wiff to cultivate most loyisiana their own necessities.

The s and s saw a shift westward in the population of the parish. Fillmore, Luisiana, and Rocky Mount were passed by the wite and as a result, were unable to compete with population centers on the railroad lines. Bellevue moved, almost in mass, mature women Atlanta va Benton following the three great setbacks to its survival in this era. Benton was built on the railroad lines giving it an advantage in shipping and transportation, the seat of government was moved find bossier city louisiana wife Benton, and the majority of the physical accruement was destroyed fjnd fire in Plain Dealing arose from the site of the Woronoco MA sexy woman Brothers' plantation of the same name, Haughton experienced a boom in population from the Fillmore find bossier city louisiana wife after craigslist slc ut personals find bossier city louisiana wife of the railroad lines to Haughton, and Cane's Landing enjoyed an influx of new arrivals as a result of its dual role in shipping, with both steamboat wharves and a railroad terminal.

Of these four Benton, Haughton, Plain Dealing have remained at their approximate size of that period, while Cane City, which had a population of about in the s, has become Bossier City with a population over luoisiana, in The remainder of this story will deal primarily with Bossier City's progress through the 20th Century.

Although Bossier City's history normally dates fromit was about years ago that the seed was planted for the development of a town that in this year has become the fastest growing city in North Louisiana. The settlement of Cane City was proclaimed as being incorporated by former Gov. Blanchard and was chartered as the Village of Bossier City.

These limitations do not apply to other couples married in Louisiana. In a marriage that is not a Covenant Marriage, a spouse may get a divorce for adultery by. 2 women shot, killed in Bossier City shooting Cell phone helps locate alleged Louisiana kidnapping victim Woman shot during attempted home burglary. The area of Bossier City dates back to the s when it was the Elysian Groves By , Bossier City attained the designation "The Fastest Growing City in Louisiana. That tragedy found local citizens unable to battle the ferocious blaze . At the time, New Hampshire native Bennett, his wife, and his commercial firm .

It has find bossier city louisiana wife from an area of one square mile to a thriving city containing over 35 square miles and 25, acres. The area continued to grow and, on Lousiana 14,Bossier City's classification was changed from Village to Town by former Gov.

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Hot men fuckin M. Parker, and on August 9,then Gov. Earl K. Long issued a proclamation classifying Bossier City a city. On October 21,a special election was held in the City of Bossier City and by a vote of to the city adopted the commission form of government to replace its aldermanic form.

First Mayor E.

Hoyer had been appointed Bossier City's first mayor by Gov. Blanchard when the former trading post was incorporated. After the special election, Hoffman L Fuller was elected the city's mayor. Shreveport weather essentials Month. More weather for Shreveport.

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Powered by Weather Underground. Sorted by: We found great results, but some are outside Shreveport.

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Showing results in neighboring cities. Norton Art Gallery. Red Herring Escape Rooms. Robinson Film Center. Louisiana Boardwalk Bossier City 1. Margaritaville Resort Casino Bossier City 1. Escape Shreveport. Horseshoe Casino Bossier City 1.

The Strand Theater. Gardens of the American Rose Center. Boomtown Casino Bossier City 1.

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