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I Am Ready Sex Contacts Asking a girl out over the phone

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Asking a girl out over the phone

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How to Ask Anyone on a Date over the Phone: 7 Steps

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I Am Wants Sex Asking a girl out over the phone

Go and look at them! They are nice, and there may be new ones that you didn't know about! Hooray for rules!

Hooray for The System! Hooray for Conforming! So, basically, im on my break from studies at the moment.

And have been wanting to ask a girl out for the last 1. I've kinda reached the point where i'm sick of considering it, and just want to get it out of the way.

Regardless of what the answer it.

My problem is, the only way i can ask her out is over the phone. Is there a particular way i can make it clear that im 'asking her out', and not just, catching up?

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Anyone done this before? Also, im not worried about sounding creepy calling.

How to Ask a Woman Out Over the Phone | Dating Tips

It's askig like its someone i havnt had much contact. Also, how do you girls feel about being asked out over phone? Erios Registered User regular. February edited February Erios on February Coconut Flavor, Origin: If you can't see her in person, what are you planning on asking her out to?

A date in the distant future?

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Or do you just mean you're going to see if she wants to be your girlfriend? In that case, I guess pnone of a call maybe you should send her an email that says "Do you like me? Just wait til you see her next then maybe ask her out on a date and work from.

Maybe I misunderstood, I got the te that you are apart from this person and couldn't see her at the present time, I guess the OP needs to clarify. The Black Hunter Registered User regular. The Black Hunter on February Basically asking a girl out over the phone am wanting to ask her out as in, "want to be my girlfriend" but not those exact words.

It's probably true though, asking her 'out of the blue' and over the phone might feel a little awkward for. She's been away overseas for last month, so it's kinda been on my mind for a.

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Maybe it is a good idea to just wait till i see her. But thats not for a. It's good to hear others opinions on these situations.

Not that im trying to over analyse everything, but i dont want to do anything silly. Six Fat Apollo Registered User regular. How about we [do Y]? Great, see you then! Six on February Sims gay love story you are asking her to te your girlfriend, it definitely needs to be done in person.

If it's not someone you see all the time because she is far away though, you might want to consider someone. How phond are you?

Pphone don't 'ask' a girl to be your girlfriend. You date, kiss, and then one of you blinks first and asks how serious things are and then you decide to be exclusive or not.

I Am Wants For A Man Asking a girl out over the phone

You don't want to sound creepy? Don't be the initial phonecall "Do you want to be my girlfriend?

Now you're going to march in and try and spring this on her? MegaMan on February I am in the business of saving lives. I think it would be much much better to ask her out in person.

Not only is it less um While it's not everything, timing just in the context of her state of mind - whether she's preoccupied or not can make a difference. W2 Registered User regular.

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MegaMan wrote: Wait, what, you've known her for 1. W2 on February Sign In or Register to comment.

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