Developer API

We are looking for iPhone, Android, Windows, and other developers to create mobile applications. If you are interested in using our API, please become a developer.

Developers must abide by the following rules:

- Not permitted for organizations which compete with Been Plated.
- Been Plated must be linked to and credited.

Click on different API calls below for more details on how to use them. Please note we are adding more and more functionality all the time.

Become a Developer

Comment Count Changed When a comment is made or deleted, hit this api call.
Delete Comment Delete a comment. --DO NOT USE--
Get Plate Entry Comments Get all the comments for a plate entry. The limit is 25. --DO NOT USE--
Submit Plate Entry Comment Submit a comment on a plate entry. --DO NOT USE--

Confirm Phone Number Submit the confirmation number sent to the phone number used in the "Save Phone Number" api call. Once confirmed, the user will be able to receive text message alerts.
Save Phone Number Save a user's phone number. This number will be used to send text message alerts. Once you save a phone number, a confirmation number will be sent via text message.

Follow New Plate Follow a plate entered by the user.
Follow Plate Follow an existing plate by it's id.
Get Following Get all the plates a user is following.
Un-follow Plate Un-follow a plate.

Get Categories Get all possible categories and their ids.
Get Regions Get all possible geographical regions and their ids.

Delete Plate Entry Delete a plate entry.
Save Plate Entry Submit a new plate entry, or edit an existing one. On success, it will return the id of the plate entry.
View Plate Entries View plate entries. The limit is 25.
View Plate Entry View a plate entry by it's id.

Rate Rate up or down a plate entry or comment.

Get Session Instead of logging in each time the app is used, login once, and retrieve a session id to be used as authorization.
Register This api call is used to create a new user. On success, it will return the user's session id.